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    Generate Income on Your Investment

    Whether you’re looking to make a profit on your real estate investment or avoid the pain of foreclosure, your property is marketed nationwide and filled quickly.  

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    Breathe Easy with Iron-Clad Protection

    Your property is protected with iron-clad property management services that include stringent tenant screening and around-the-clock 24/7 emergency property maintenance.

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    Affordable Rates That Increase Your Profit

    Competitive and affordable management fees keep your costs down.  With the higher rent commanded – often above the fees alone – your property management pays for itself. 

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    Communication Is the Difference

    Rigorous and constant communication between property owners, maintenance crews and tenants is the crucial difference that sets us apart.

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Apartment Market Research (2nd Quarter): South Bay and Long Beach

The 2nd quarter showed modest increases in rents and a trending vacancy rate in decline.  Ranking for the South Bay apartment market came in at number… read more